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Civil rights leaders spoke to the press after a meeting with President Obama and Attorney General Holder on the Voting Rights Act. They said they were encouraged, with the Reverend Al Sharpton describing the law as “far from dead” despite a recent Supreme Court decision striking down a portion of the Act. They also talked about the law suit that the Justice Department recently announced against the state of Texas that aimed to halt a redistricting plan using a part of the law that was not affected by the Court’s ruling.

Forum Celebrates Women in the Civil Rights Movement

Women civil rights leaders honored attorney Barbara Arnwine for her achievements in racial justice and civil rights. Then they discussed the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and current issues, including recent voter ID laws and their impact on the right to vote, racial profiling of young African Americans and Latinos, and the Senate holding up President Obama’s judicial nominees. Trice Edney Communications held its third annual luncheon and forum in celebration of Women’s History Month and the 186th anniversary of the Black Press, titled “Stateswomen for Justice – Honing the Vision: The Next 50 Years,” at the National Press Club.


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