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Even though obstacles and detours might distract you from the desired results, don’t let that be your primary focus.  You’re created for more, so be willing to go the extra mile!  Join the momentum, ignite change and observe the lasting effects in our communities.


Daryl Jones Moderating Jacksonville Press Conference

Randi Weingarten AFT President at Jacksonville Press Conference

Jacksonville Press Conference

Freedom Riders in Gainesville

Gainesville Crowd shot

Gainesville Mayor Presents Key to the City to Vicki Winans

Vickie Winans Performing

Tallahassee Rally at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

NAACP National Youth Board Member Francesca Mitchell Testifying at School Board Meeting

Daryl Jones testifying at Miami-Dade School Board Meeting

Justice for AJ Owens Chanting at Ft. Myers

Ft Myers Group Picture with Children Holding Banned Books

Marcus Arbery, Father of Ahmaud Arbery, in Sarasota

A Group Shot of Some at Sarasota

In The Newspaper: Georgia Star

Rolling Protest Inspires Thousands

The Rolling Protest was launched in response to the authoritarian, racist and backwards policies
of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida State Legislature. The policies were aimed to stop the teaching of black history in state funded schools; to stop the implementation and funding of diversity, equity and inclusion principles and programs at postsecondary institutions; to ban books addressing issues of self-appreciation and inclusivity; to attack the rights of the LGBTQIA community; to curb the existence of labor unions; to censor and criminalize teaching in public and private school classrooms; and to limit and destroy the Reproductive Freedom of Women in Florida.

TJC Statement on recent Supreme Court’s Decisions

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