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February 27: The Resilience and Strength of the GenZ/Young Millennial Voter: Tired, Bent & Frustrated, But Still Voting!!”

February 27 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

February 27, 2024: The Resilience and Strength of the GenZ/Young Millennial Voter: Tired, Bent & Frustrated, But Still Voting!!”

The nonpartisan “Igniting Change Radio Show with Barbara Arnwine, Esq. and Daryl Jones, Esq.” program will be aired from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Radio One’s WOL 1450 AM in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as well as nationwide on WOLDCNEWS.COM and Barbaraarnwine.com.

Please note, during the show there are 3 hard stop commercial breaks at 12:13 PM Eastern Time, 12:28 PM ET and 12:43 PM ET.


Dianne Wilkerson: 12:00 PM – 12:57 PM ET
TJC Board Member, Treasurer Transformative Justice Coalition
First Black Woman State Senator, Massachusetts

Carl Snowden, 12:00 PM – 12:57 PM
Convener, Maryland Coalition of African American Leaders
Former, Director, African American Affairs for Office of the Attorney General

Cameron Barnes, 12:00 PM – 12:57 PM
National Young Adult Policy Advocate; National Youth Director of Rainbow PUSH; TJC Fellow and Freedom Rider; Director of Youth & Young Adult Engagement, New Faith MB Church Chicago; Instagram: @CamB.8; TikTok: @CamB.403; Twitter: @ISayWatUThinkin 

Adarian Fambro, 12:00 PM- 12:57 PM
Senior, Morehouse College, TJC Fellow, Self Employed Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker at Barnesville, GA MLK Day Observance

Jayda Jeffery: 12:00 PM – 12:57 PM ET
2023 TJC Alumni and Fellow; graduating senior at LSU majoring in International Relations and Political Science; Since 2021, Jayda has served as LA NAACP Youth and College VP


The Igniting Change Radio Show on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Eastern Time, is entitled, “The Resilience and Strength of the GenZ/Young Millennial Voter: Tired, Bent & Frustrated, But Still Voting!!”

“Resilience and Strength of the GenZ/YM Voter,” will be live with Radio Show Co-Hosts and Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) Co-Leaders Attorneys Barbara Arnwine, Esq. and Daryl Jones, Esq. and guests Dianne Wilkerson, Carl Snowden, Cameron Barnes, Jayda Jeffery, and Adarian Fambro.

This show will spotlight today’s political issues and challenges that GenZ and YM voters are facing. This show will spotlight how young voters are overcoming policy concerns in the 2024 Election Cycle and directing their determination to voting.  The program will address frustration faced by young voters in making advancements on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness, Wrongful Prosecution of Black Elected Officials, lack of Investments in Black and Brown Communities and the fight for GenZ/YM elected representation nationally.

The show will address the occurrence of the handling of the Gaza war and its potential impact on young voter turnout and the trial of Fani Willis and its impact on young voters as they witness the prosecution of the elected prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia.


Segment 1 (30 minutes)
Topic: GenZ Voters, Frustration on policy and potential Impact on Voter Turn Out

  1. Much has been written about GenZ voters not turning out in numbers for the 2024 Election Cycle because of their disillusionment with politics due to a lack of progress on Student Loan Forgiveness, War in Gaza and not being particularly inspired by either Presidential candidate.   What is your analysis as to whether GenZ voters will show up for the 2024 election cycle?
  2. What impact will the war in Gaza have on GenZ/YM voters?
  3. Are there other issues that will suppress, frustrate or encourage GenZ/YM to come to the polls?
  4. GenZ/YM voters are the largest potential voting bloc in America.  However, news media outlets indicate that GenZ/YM voters will not turnout, or will turn out in low numbers, for the 2024 Election Cycle. Do you believe that the news outlets are accurate?
  5. What role does controlling the narrative of the action of the GenZ/YM play in the build up to this election cycle?
  6. How do you suggest that GenZ/YM control the narrative of their involvement in the 2024 election cycle?
  7. What is the threat to the GenZ/YM voter of not controlling their narrative?
  8. In Michigan, there is an election occurring today.  Voters, as we speak, are heading to polling sites.  There is also a movement for Democratic voters to vote “Uncommitted.” 
  9. What impact encouraging voters to vote “uncommitted” in the primary presidential campaign have on GenZ/YM voters? 
  10. Will they still see a necessity to vote? 
  11. Will it drive greater numbers of GenZ/YM voters to the poll? 
  12. Will it send a message to the candidates?

SEGMENTS 2 (27 minutes)
Topic:  (Fani Willis, Prosecuting the Elected Prosecutor)

  1. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, a Howard University Alumni, is prosecuting former President Donald Trump and others for attempting to steal votes in Fulton County Georgia in 2020.  Recently, Fani Willis has taken the stand to testify about her romantic affair and her truthfulness.   What impact will the prosecution of this elected prosecutor have on voters in Georgia?
  2. Do you believe that the prosecution of Ms. Willis’ personal life will have an impact on turn out of Black voters and particularly Black women voters nationally?
  3. Fulton County, GA is predominantly African American, in addition to District Attorney Fani Willis currently running for re-election, Judge Scott McAvey, who is presiding over this trial in up for re-election too.  Do you think that this scenario can be used to emphasize the importance of voting down ballot?
  4. In addition to DA Fani Willis in Fulton County, GA, elected District  Attorney Laticia James and elected District Attorney Alvin Bragg both of New York, and appointed U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan (a President Obama appointee), all Black, are handling national high profile cases.  Does this litany of elected and appointed officials present a teachable moment on the importance of voting and electing prosecutors, judges and those that appoint judges federally?

Thank you for all of your hard work. How do our listeners get in contact with you?


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