IMG_0072Joel Segal received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of North Carolina in 1989, where he focused on constitutional law and conflict resolution studies. He has been a social justice activist for over 30 years, and is a professional bass player.

Joel Segal is a cofounder, and the National Climate Justice Campaign Coordiantor for the “Justice Action Mobilization Network;” a nationwide multiracial climate justice network co-chaired by Reverend Lennox Yearwood. JAMN is lobbying elected officials and educating the public about the need for an expedited transition to renewable energy, millions of green jobs, environmental justice, and millions of solar or green energy affordable apartments in order to end homelessness in America.

He was the former senior legislative assistant and speech writer to Rep. John Conyers from 2000-2013, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, Dean of the U.S. Congress, and Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus. Joel was the founder of the 2000 universal health care movement, and co-authored HR 676, Rep. Conyer’s now heralded “Expanded and Improved Medicare For All” bill.

He was a senior technical consultant for Michael Moore’s health care documentary SICKO. Joel cofounded the Global HIV/AIDS Alliance, and was one of the senior Hill staffers who worked on federal legislation pertaining to global HIV/AIDS, voter suppression, ending homelessness,  Katrina, and ending poverty.