March 6, 2018

Our show on March 6, 12:00-1:00 PM, EST, will focus on the myriad challenges of providing the right to vote for those involved in the US criminal justice system or who are returning citizens. In a nation that engages in mass incarceration with roughly 2 million persons incarcerated daily in jails and prisons, and hundreds of thousands released annually, there exists massive voter disenfranchisement often due to confusion and misinformation. Our show will begin a series throughout the year focusing on this critical challenge. Our first show will explore this problem and look at important programs for maintaining and restoring voting rights including for those persons who have been arrested but not adjudicated guilty.

Our expert guests will include Darius Ballinger, Millennial leader of of Chicago; and others involved in this fight. See guest pictures and bios at

With every single vote critical to the 2018 Mid-Term elections, there is an urgent need to combat the national scourge of voter disenfranchisement based on involvement with the criminal justice system. Each day in the US an estimated 450,000 are held in jails who have never been convicted of a crime but cannot afford bail. Nationwide 6 million returning citizens are denied the right to vote. Additionally, millions of returning citizens have the right to have their votes restored but are unaware of this right and lack assistance to complete the necessary notifications or paperwork. Major public education is required. Also, there needs to be a massive campaign to eliminate these felon disenfranchisement laws.

Questions to be examined include: What are the best strategies for eliminating mass incarceration?; How do we educate those involved with the criminal justice system about their right to vote? How do we create programs to reach those in jail to register to vote?; Are there best practices for outreaching to returning citizens to restore their right to vote?; What can be done to make sure those newly registered will vote?; Why are Millennial activists key to this outreach and voter contact? How do we change the laws in the states to prevent voter disenfranchisement?; What can our listeners do to ignite change to prevent voter disenfranchisement?

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Be sure to listen live on Tuesday, March 6, 12:00 to 1:00 PM, EST, in the Greater DC Metro Region on WOL 1450 AM and worldwide on the Internet at You may call with questions or comments during the show at 800-450-7876. A podcast of the show will be available on Tuesday evening.

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