June 20, 2017

Our show this week will discuss the nationally watched Georgia 6th Congressional Election between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff which will be held on Tuesday, June 20th. Pundits, parties and the public are closely watching the race to ascertain whether this race will be predictive of future voting trends leading up to the 2018 Mid-Terms. Already, an estimated 60 million dollars has been spent on this race. Voter turnout has been robust. Polling has the candidates in almost a deadbeat!

Our guests will include Sharon J. Hill, Regional Director for the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and public relations specialist; David Stokes, renowned CBS Atlanta journalist and others. Our guests will provide up to the minute reports from the ground during Tuesday’s election. See full bios and pictures at www.BarbaraArnwine.com.

Over 150,000 voters have already voted during Early Voting with a major turnout. Polling says almost all voters have made up their minds in this close race. The candidates cannot be more different with Karen Handel running as a conservative with a history of supporting Georgia’s strict Voter ID law, whilst Jon Ossoff is running as a Moderate Democrat who was mentored by Voting Rights Hero Congressman John Lewis.

Our show will look at the demographics of the GA 6th District. We will explore questions about the past voting patterns of the GA 6th and the current issues in this election. What has changed since the 2016 Presidential election? Which messages from the candidates appear to be resonating? What is known by noon about voter turnout that morning? As Investigative Reporter Greg Palast has alleged voter purging, raids on registration and other voter suppression during this race, what is actually known? What about the alleged deceptive practices targeting Black voters in the 6th? Who can voters needing help turn to? What do voters need to know?

Be sure to listen live in the DC Metro Region at WOL 1450 AM and on the Internet at www.BarbaraArnwine.com. A podcast of the show will be available on Tuesday evening after 8:00 PM.

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