This show will examine the critical question of what role does the Black Press and News Media play in our nation. By Black Press and News Media, we are referring to African American owned and focused print and electronic media which cover news events. Our special guests will be Hazel Trice Edney, award winning journalist, President and CEO of Trice Edney Communications and Editor In Chief of Trice Edney Newswire; and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, renowned civil rights leader and President & CEO, the National Newspaper Publishers Association. We will explore the special and unique role that the Black Press serves covering ignored news and in our national debate on race. With the dominance of the internet and social media, how does this affect the historic role of Black newspapers and radio? Even with Black Twitter and other social media activism and as many newspapers lost audience share, the NNPA saw an increase in audience growth over the last three years to over 20.1 audience members per year. What explains this trend? What is the potential for stronger news coverage by Black television networks like BET. TVONE, ASPIRE and others? Who controls our images? What are the challenges confronting the Black Press? What about the status of Black journalists at predominantly White media outlets? Whither the future of the Black Press? Join us in this major discussion of the influence of the Black Press!