Mahdi Salaam-Ingenious Poet the native of Atlantic City, New Jersey uses his ingenious word
combinations to inspire, educate and ignite the evolution of a better
world. Born George Smith, change his name to Mahdi Salaam and began his poetic career. His poems are energetic, dynamic and dramatic. Appointed “The Poet Laureate” by the Library of Congress. This was legislated as his official title.

Mr. Salaam was honored along with President Barack Obama during the Pennsylvania Legislative’s Black History Month Celebration at the State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. This historical – WHY? This Ingenious Poet issues from the blood line of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. “Genetically they exist in me – we are from the same pedigree; the Davis name preceded me –we have similar philosophies, “ the Ingenious Poet.

He sees his distinctive poetry as a proclamation of justice and
hope for all, in a literate society. His repartee includes, *THE FORTUNE
FOUR POEMS*, “The Honor Your Mother Poem,” “White Roses to the Beautiful Woman,” “Proudly Walking” – which an educational poem to the children and “This is For the Homeless” which demands attention. Look for his Premiere piece, “The Calling – The Ghetto Report” – COMING SOON on a maxi single, called “A 6-Pack of A Conscious Attack.