Vernice_Miller-Travis_119_140_60Vernice Miller-Travis is a Senior Associate in the Community Planning and Design Group of Skeo Solutions. She provides technical expertise for collaborative planning and design services in area-wide brownfields revitalization, community sustainability and environmental justice. Vernice is sought after for her expertise in brownfields redevelopment and community revitalization, collaborative problem solving, multi-stakeholder design and planning and environmental justice.

Vernice’s interests have focused on environmental restoration and the inclusion of low-income, people of color and indigenous communities in environmental decision making at the federal, state, local and tribal levels.

Ms. Miller-Travis has almost 25 years of experience in environmental policy development and analysis, hazardous waste abatement and remediation, community centered brownfields redevelopment, multi-stakeholder environmental problem solving, sustainable community development and design, environmental justice advocacy, urban green space design, land preservation and Geographic Information Systems analysis.

Prior to joining Skeo Solutions, Ms. Miller-Travis served as the Director of the Environmental Justice Initiative of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, Executive Director of Groundwork USA, and co-founder of We ACT for Environmental Justice. She also serves on the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council to EPA, and as Vice-Chair of the Maryland Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities.

Vernice also enjoys listening to and singing gospel music, visiting her family in the Bahamas, traveling with her husband, and eating Maryland blue crabs and barbecue.

Vernice has worked on a variety of projects, including:

2011 EPA New Partners for Smart Growth panel design and moderator
2011 EPA National Brownfields conference, Equitable Development Institute design and moderator
Environmental Justice Showcase Communities Conference – EPA Region 7
EJ and Smart Growth Case Studies, EPA Office of Sustainable Communities
South Carolina Leadership in Environmental Action Pilots (LEAP) Summit – EPA Region 4/SC Department of Health and Environmental Control