Terence Muhammad was born and raised in Greensboro, NC where he later attended NC A&T State University. This is where he started his journey in community activism/organizing. He is now the Logistics/Leadership Committee Coordinator for the Hip Hop Caucus National office. He’s also on the staff at the Beloved Community Center as well as the Co-Chair for the Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative. Mr. Muhammad has been involved in community organizing for over 20 years in areas ranging from economics, education, climate change, police accountability, health, youth issues, and a whole lot more. His work involved educating people young and old on the issues and then organizing and mobilizing them to affect change in policies whether it be through voting or speaking out at public/civic forms. Mr. Muhammad has National and local influence in communities of color in the religious community, law enforcement, government, medical institution, higher education, and areas of environmental justice. Mr. Muhammad has a passion with working with young people and has used the vehicle of Hip Hop to get them engaged in the many areas of work that directly affect their lives. Mr. Muhammad is the next generation of leadership that is helping to shape our communities, country, and world.