dubbT-Dubb-O is a hip-hop artist born in Saint Louis, Mo in 1987. He is as dedicated to the streets as he is to his art of music. He began freestyling at the age of 6 and progressed to writing, producing and recording by the age of 11.
In 2010 T-Dubb entered the Streets Status Battle League arena and was quickly recognized as one of the best battle rappers coming out of Missouri. In 2011, the release of Mobstar Maniac 1 came to fame, following Mobstar Maniac 2 in 2012. T-Dubb-O has enjoyed a rapid ascent in the music world and had gained a lot more attention after realeasing his third mixtape Mobstar Maniac 3, in 2014. It featured the catchy single “U Mad.” On a steady stream of progressive releases 2014 saw 3.6 and Bruce Vs Bane – a collaborative concept album with St. Louis Native Bo Dean.
In August 2014, after the aftermath of the Michael Brown killing, T-Dubb-O’s new persona arose as a political spokesperson for his community as well as his career as a Hip Hop artist. T-Dubb-O fused this two stages of his life into one persona. T-Dubb-O is a Director for Hands Up United- a grass roots organization building towards liberation of oppressed Black, Brown and Poor people through education, art, civil disobedience, advocacy and agriculture.
Despite all the media attention T-Dubb-O has already received from outlets such as CNN, Rolling Stone, BET, BBC, Essence, etc. He has also collaborated with the likes of Project Pat, Pastor Troy, Freeway and Crooked I. T-Dubb-O is and will continue to be a voice for the people through art. T-Dubb-O was able to sit in the Oval Office with President Barrack Obama and also traveling to Guerrero to help build solidarity with the Latino community. T-Dubb-O is a lyrical and political embodiment of hard work and perseverance and his music reflects that gritty street influence combined with an increasingly mature world view.