Sirine Shebaya is a Senior Staff Attorney with Muslim Advocates and a founding Board Member with the Dulles Justice Coalition. Her work focuses on the Muslim Ban, border searches, immigrants’ rights, surveillance, and various other civil rights matters affecting Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities.

Before joining Muslim Advocates, she was Program Director of the Virginia Justice Program at the Capital Area Immigrant’s Rights Coalition, where she supervised and litigated criminal-immigration cases before the immigration court and federal courts and advised criminal defense attorneys on various immigration-related matters. Before that, she initiated and directed the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland’s Immigrants’ Rights Program, where she developed a full portfolio of immigrants’ rights litigation, advocacy, and public education on immigration detention, enforcement, and criminal-immigration matters, and played a lead role in a campaign that resulted in a wave of county policies prohibiting the detention of immigrants for ICE at local jails.

She currently sits on the board, and previously served as the chair, of the Dulles Justice Coalition, an organization of lawyers, organizers, translators and community volunteers created to assist travelers to Dulles Airport affected by the Muslim Ban.