Graduating from Washington Adventist University with a degree in Political Science, Phillip M. Malcolm,has been at the forefront of everything politics and communal upbringing in the D.C. Metro Area and beyond. While being a political and social activist, Phillip is also a man of faith in which he builds his leadership and life goals on his faith in Christ. His continuous involvement within the community has gained him an extreme honor in 2015 for which he received the Newman Civic Fellows Award for his dedicated leadership on campus as well as the surrounding community. Phillip has always found comfort in helping others around him by educating others on today‚Äôs politics while incorporating his underlying religious beliefs in Christianity. Being a grounded individual whose highest priority is making sure everyone’s needs are met, Phillip’s primary goal is to shape the future into a brighter one. Not only has he excelled in academia and as an individual, but Phillip has also gone on to pursue various business ventures, investment opportunities, and management of his family-owned construction business.