November 29, 2016

Our show this Tuesday, November 29th will look at the Recount of the Presidential Vote which has formally been requested by Jill Stein of the Green Party in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and is expected to be requested in Michigan. What does this recount mean for our nation? We will also look at the serious new developments in the fight by Native Americans to prevent the Dakota Access PipeLine (DAPL) from being constructed across sacred land and threatening to pollute the water used by the Lakotas Tribal Nation. Also, although somewhat faded from the national spotlight, the Flint Water Crisis continues to plague and threaten the health of the City’s residents. What do our show’s listeners need to know about these crucial fights and how can our listeners be involved in helping to address these issues. Our guests will include Ben Zion Ptashnik, Co-Director of the National Election Defense Coalition and the Voting Rights Alliance; and Terence “TC” Muhammad, Advocacy Manager, Hip Hop Caucus and other guests!

Many Americans were shocked when the Exit Polls of voters dramatically did not match the vote tallies in many states. Of serious concern were the very close voting margin of victory for President-Elect Trump in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. After reports of some over-votes in Wisconsin and concerns about hacking of machines in some jurisdictions, Jill Stein, the Green Party Presidential Candidate has announced she will formally request a recount of votes in three states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now that the recounts are being requested and allowed, lawyers for Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, have announced their intent to monitor the recount.

Many people are asking lots of questions including What is a recount? What does a recount entail? Why would the results be different during a recount? What is the difference between a hand count and a machine count? Is this sour grapes or is there a serious problem with the integrity of our vote? What about the reports of Russians hacking many electoral jurisdictions before the vote? Will this recount address voter suppression?

These are the questions that we will address doing the first part of our show.

We will also discuss during the show, the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline which is considered not only the environmental justice fight of our lifetimes but an urgent demand that the United States of America and state governments respect the sovereignty and lands of Native Americans. Originally proposed to skirt the City of Bismarck, but after protests from residents about the potential for spills and pollution of their water supply, the DAPL was re-routed through Native American land including that adjacent to the Standing Rock Reservation. The Lakotas which are part of the Sioux confederation of seven tribal nations have vigorously opposed this pipeline, establishing a campsite and holding daily protests since the last approval of the DAPL by authorities in March, 2016. These protests have been met with paramilitary force and violence against the peaceful protestors. Recently, the Army Corps of Engineers has ordered an evacuation of the campsite. On November 28th, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued an executive order demanding protestors evacuate the campsite. A major showdown is brewing as the major American media fails to carry this story.

Why the media blackout of this story? What can be done to avert and stop the DAPL? What can our listeners do?

Equally compelling is the related story of the Flint Water Crisis which has also disappeared from American media. Our show will update listeners about this on-going and life-endangering crisis.

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