May 3, 2016

In all of the discussion about the upcoming Presidential Elections, why has there been no focus on a Black Agenda?  Our featured guest, Lauren Victoria Burke has been burning up the internet with her new article entitled: “If There’s a White President, Will There Finally Be A Black Agenda?

Since the recession of 2007, African Americans have lost one third of all wealth! African American unemployment remains abysmally high.  Educational inequality, the state of HBCUs, voter suppression and predatory financial practices all continue to threaten the future of African American advancement.

Black Lives Matter has disrupted presidential campaign events demanding a focus on the issue of policing restructuring but who is making the broader ask?  Where are the demands of the traditional African American civil rights organizations?  The LGBTQ community and the Latino community have been outspoken with their demands but why the relative silence of the Black community?  Is the Black political “game” too inside? Has the outside agitation strategy been abandoned?

Our special guest, Lauren Victoria Burke will discuss why she felt compelled to write this article and the lively debate it has generated.  Justin Arnwine will join this discussion for a millennial viewpoint as will other guests.  What are the ramifications of the absence of a Black Agenda? Is there still time to develop a popular Black Agenda in time for consideration for discussion for the platforms of the national political parties?

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This week’s guests:

Lauren Victoria Burke

Lauren Victoria Burke

Lauren Victoria Burke is a writer and political analyst.  Ms. Burke focuses on criminal justice, education, unemployment, African Americans in power, Black leadership and Congress. […]