May 17, 2016

This Tuesday’s show will examine the rarely discussed issue of how and why American public companies are focused on providing short-term gains to Wall Street, and how that practice hurts workers, job opportunity and Main Street, and contributes to the Dry Recovery.

To thoughtfully explore this issue, this week’s show will feature a special interview with an experienced former senior corporate executive, Andy Hendry.  Andy recently retired as a senior officer of a Fortune 200 company after nearly 45 years as a business lawyer and executive.  For almost 30 of those years, he served as the Chief Legal Officer and Secretary of two different Fortune 200 companies.  Andy’s long experience in business has given him in-depth knowledge of how American public corporations are run today.

Show Host, Barbara Arnwine and Andy Hendry will review the current economic situation and examine two little-known realities of how American public companies are run: “short-termism” and “shareholder value governance.”  They will discuss how these two realities are affecting the long-term strength of American business, and its ability to create good paying jobs and bring prosperity to Main Street.

They will review possible solutions and suggest how our listeners can help.

It promises to be a very eye-opening show!

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This week’s guests:

Andy Hendry

Andy Hendry

Andrew D. Hendry retired in 2015 as the Vice Chairman of Colgate Palmolive Company, a $17 plus billion global consumer products company headquartered in New […]