March 8, 2016

In this very special show, the focus is on sharing the largely ignored tragedy of the slaying of innocent India Kager, a mother of 2 young sons, by the Virginia Beach Police Department. Gina Best, the mother of India Kager, will be our featured guest for this hour. Why has this case been ignored so much by the major media? Is this yet again an example of the dichotomy which treats cases involving police shootings of unarmed Black men more seriously than those of Black women? How do we #SayHerName and win justice in this case to make sure #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenLivesMatter?

On September 5th, India Kager, a Maryland resident, had driven to Virginia Beach in her car with her friend Angelo Perry and her 4 month old son, Roman. While sitting in the car at the 7-Eleven, a Virginia Beach Police Department SWAT team which had been surveilling the car for 30 minutes blocked the car, approached the car and within 15 seconds over 30 shots had been fired into the car killing India Kager and Angelo Perry. Miraculously, 4 year old Roman was unharmed. These are the uncontested facts of this case. Police maintain that they shot into the car after they had been fired upon by Mr. Perry. They allege that they had a tip that Mr. Perry, who had been released from jail in 2014 after serving 11-12 years) was about to commit a crime but did not have a warrant for his arrest. In fact, Mr. Perry had no outstanding warrants. Ms. Kager had no criminal record. The VA police maintain that they recovered two guns from the car (one allegedly from the floor of the car) which were subsequently tied to a number of crimes.

There are many unanswered questions about this killing. Why did the VA Beach Police approach a car with rifles drawn when they knew that an innocent woman was the driver and was at risk? How did they not know that a baby was in the car? Did the police actually use a flash-bang grenade on the car before any shooting occurred and why? Why did they not secure an arrest warrant? Why won’t the police department release the video from the 7-Eleven of the shooting? Why won’t the police department release the names of the officers involved?

Ms. Gina Best has been trying to get answers and to hold the Virginia Beach Police Department accountable for the slaying of her daughter.

During our show we will discuss this case and what can be done to secure justice for India Kager. Our listeners will learn the many ways that they can participate in helping to hold the Virginia Beach Police Department accountable. We will also discuss how to advance in 2016 the movement to #SayHerName and #BlackLivesMatter.

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This week’s guests:

Carla Martin

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Gina Best

Gina Best

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