March 22, 2016

Our show on March 22nd will feature a very special interview with the game-changing rap artist and philosopher Speech of the Grammy winning alternative hip hop group, Arrested Development!  This year, 5 years after their last album, “Standing At the Crossroads”, the band has released 2 new albums, “This Was Never Home” and “Changing the Narrative”.  Again, as has been their trademark, Arrested Development has captured the burning issues of our times with their powerful videos “#IDon’tSeeYouAtTheClub” and “OutToTheWorld”.

When Arrested Development first burst on the music scene in 1992 with their hit album “Three Years, Five Months and Two Days in the Life of…”, their unique afro-centric and spiritual style based on the world’s religions were refreshing alternatives to the destructive impact of “gangsta rap” in the Black community.  They profoundly changed the tonality of music of that period and set afire a new genre of positive unapologetically Black rap music.  Indeed to this day, Arrested Development is the only rap group to win a Grammy for best new artist.  Deeply committed to racial justice, peace, social justice and environmental justice, Arrested Development has made many financial contributions to these causes during its tenure.  After eleven albums, the group has shown a power of resiliency and innovation as the world has struggled to address many crises, especially war, hunger and climate change.

Over the years, like most long-standing bands, Arrested Development has seen changes in its members but the group has enjoyed on-going popularity, especially abroad and in Japan!

We will explore with Speech his perspectives on the current state of rap music, best artists, role of hip hop artists in these times and the many challenges confronting the African American community, the African diaspora and humanity.  We will specifically discuss the current populist movements in the USA and the Black Lives Matter movement. What is his take on Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce and many other leading artists?

Given the release of the two new albums, our show will look at the thrust of the messaging contained in these albums.  How has Speech’s artistry evolved over these years?  How does Arrested Development perceive its role in the music industry?  What are the future plans for the group?

Be sure to listen on Tuesday and spread the word!

This week’s guests:


Todd Thomas (born October 25, 1968), better known by the stage name Speech, is an American rapper and musician. He is a member of the […]