March 1, 2016

This show will be devoted to political analysis of the “Power of the Black, Latino and Native American Vote” and the 2016 presidential race. How will the Black, Latino and Native American vote determine the outcomes of several states on Super Tuesday, March 1st when primary elections or caucuses will be held for Democrats and Republicans in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont and Virginia, and Tennessee. For Republicans only in Alaska and Democrats only in American Samoa. Will voter suppression in 5 of these states, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas & Virginia make a difference?

My special guests will include top national political analyst, Lauren Victoria Burke and Election Protection, Dr. Phillip Jackson and other experts.

In Nevada, Latino voters gave Hillary Clinton a great margin of support for a win in that state. In South Carolina, the Black vote was a decisive factor in Hillary Clinton’s victory of roughly 74% to 26%. Everyone agrees that Congressman Jim Clyburn was a prime mover in this win. There was an unanticipated huge turnout of African American and Democratic voters despite the much lamented “enthusiasm gap.” Indeed, more African Americans turned out for the 2016 primary election than those that turned out in 2008 to support President Obama!

What does South Carolina portend for Super Tuesday? Was South Carolina a harbinger of elections to come in the South? Or was it an anomaly?

What does it mean that on Sunday, February 28th, presidential Republican frontrunner candidate, Donald Trump, would initially not disavow the support of David Duke, the Klu Klux Klan or white supremacist groups? He has since issued a weak disavowal that lacked in sincerity and concern.

In addition, Texas and Arizona are Super Tuesday states with larger Latino populations whilst Arizona and Oklahoma have larger Native American populations, than the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. How will these populations affect the Super Tuesday Primary election outcomes?

Are African Americans, Latinos and Native American demands being heard in these elections?

Be sure to listen on Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST.

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This week’s guests:

Marcia Johnson Blanco

Marcia Johnson-Blanco

Marcia Johnson-Blanco is the Co-director of the Lawyers’ Committee’s Voting Rights Project. She manages the Project’s programmatic and advocacy portfolios which include leading Election Protection, […]

Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jacksonhas dedicated his life to providing opportunities for and improving the life quality of others.  Mr. Jackson is a living demonstration of what is […]

Lauren Victoria Burke

Lauren Victoria Burke

Lauren Victoria Burke is a writer and political analyst.  Ms. Burke focuses on criminal justice, education, unemployment, African Americans in power, Black leadership and Congress. […]