August 16, 2016

Our show on Tuesday, August 16th, from 12:00-1:00 p.m., will feature prominent guests to provide insights on the recently released report of the United States Department of Justice on “Investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department” which found widespread constitutional violations and discrimination. Our guests will include prominent national and Baltimore community activist, Michael Scott of Equity Matters; Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization of Women; and Dara Baldwin, National Disability Rights Network. For full bios see

On April 19th, 2015, 25 year old, Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr., died a week after being arrested and suffering injuries sustained to his spinal cord while in the custody of Baltimore Police officers. A major Baltimore Uprising including street protests, property damage and confrontations between police and community ensued for several days. In the wake of the many complaints from the African American community about police misconduct, the United States Department of Justice announced it would undertake a “Pattern or Practice” investigation of the Baltimore Police Department.

On August 10th, the Department of Justice issued a hard hitting 162 page report which found that the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) “Engages in a Pattern or Practice of Conduct at Violates the United States Constitution and Laws and Conduct that Raises Serious Concerns.”
See: for the report.

The report outlines and details several violations by the BPD including “Unconstitutional Stops, Searches and Arrests”; “Discriminates Against African Americans in Enforcement Activities”; “Uses Unreasonable Force”; “Unlawfully Restricts Protected Speech”; “Handling of Sexual Assault Investigations Raises Serious Concerns of Gender Based Policing”; and “Systemic Deficiencies in..Practices Contribute to Constitutional Violations, Erode Community Trust, and Inhibit Effective Policing”. We will discuss these violations against Blacks, women, people with disabilities and more.

An “Agreement in Principle” has been reached between the United States and the City of Baltimore as a first step in developing a formal and comprehensive Consent Decree.

Our show will discuss these findings in greater detail. We will also examine the question of what next? How can the community be best involved in providing input into the Consent Decree? How does the Baltimore African American Community obtain community control of the BPD? Can the hundreds of people illegally stopped, searched and arrested be made whole through some mechanism for damages? What are the implications and lessons for other communities and police departments throughout the nation?

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L. Dara Baldwin, M.P.A.

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