michaelscottA WK Kellogg Foundation, Community Leadership Network Fellow (as part of the National Racial Equity and Healing Cohort) Michael P. Scott has been a teacher/ facilitator /writer/ business man and is a recovering merchant banker. Scott is also a systems thinker, an ecumenicist, a social entrepreneur and a proponent of Conscious Capital. An equity practitioner who embeds counter-systemic-racism-principles in wealth building and community organizing strategies, he’s a believer in diverse and dynamic epistemic community concepts (aka Mega-Community). He believes deeply in supporting simply framed, but complexly calculated yet elegantly executed approaches to building Beloved Community. He co-founded Equity Matters with an early childhood education expert, following in his father’s footsteps who pioneered the nation’s first pilot Head Start programs, by seeking a holistic life course approach to high return-on-learning-equity investment practices within complex environments.
Equity Matters has sought to Promote Equity-In-All Policy™ through greater attention to, and the better effectiveness of, the “social determinants of well-being”. Equity Matters does this from an internationalist’s civil society vantage point as it seeks shifts in government, community, business and academic cultural approaches to solving social problems.

He started his career in commercial appraisal and investment advisory before working in boutique relationship driven investment affiliations or houses. As a recovering merchant banker whose work is often “executed ‘in shadow’ with, fingerprints many places and signatures in few”, he operates as what has been described as an intelligence-operative for community and an investment banker for the under-served. In 2015, as an organizational member of the US Human Rights Network he helped set the vision for the next two years for US Human Rights at the recent Bi Annual Conference, and helped organize the Baltimore leg of the United Nations Working Group Delegation visit to the US to examine US human rights violations during the beginning of the UN declared Decade of People of African Descent.

He’s a Team Lead for National CHE- Collaborative for Health Equity Baltimore (formerly Place Matters) where he’s on the National CHE’s National Leadership Council seeking to movement build Health Equity at the oldest national coordinated but locally centric place based social determinant initiative aimed at sparking a health equity movement in the nation. Through leadership development and the generative creation of more symmetric power in civil society, he is strengthening and building community based organizations and more abundantly endowed institutions, while visioning and constructing Alternative Economic Architecture® and Alternative Political Architecture® in developing learning partnerships with government, business/academy and civil society.

He has lent expertise and worked on issues with Community advocates, elected officials, academics, and Department of Justice, ranging from Police Reform to Conscious Capital business acceleration. Scott executes work collaboratively while building that Beloved Community as a lifelong charge—animated through duty to a two-century legacy of family service as part of an intentionally loving and quiet clan of teacher-warrior-priests whose development of a more robust citizenship presence has effected more functional societies since the founding of a Free Black Community in 1821 at the center of Maryland’s Underground Railroad. He’s primarily a husband and father, but also a Morehouse Man and graduate of the London School of Economics.