kevinJuddKevin D. Judd is a proactive and strategic person, who is grounded by progressive leadership and service. In organization and business settings, he has developed a strong reputation of tackling problems head on and eradicating them, while fostering a conciliatory environment among stakeholders. Therefore, it is no surprise that he is President of the National Bar Association (“NBA”), the oldest and largest national voluntary legal association with a network of over 66,000 predominantly black lawyers, judges, educators and law students. He received one of the NBA’s highest
award, the Ronald Harmon Brown Award of International Distinction. In addition to Kevin’s commitment to the NBA, he has demonstrated stellar leadership through his affiliation with a number of other professional organizations. Kevin is currently serving on the Local Rules Advisory Committee for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia. He served as President for the Washington Bar Association, National President of Howard University Law Alumni Association, President of the D.C. Chapter of the Federal Bar Association; Board Member of the National Council of the Federal Bar Association; Grand Chief Justice of Sigma Delta Tau Legal Fraternity, Inc.; Member of the Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland; and Member of the American Bar Association. All the organizations he has served as President, Kevin has left them in a better place than when he started as their President. He improved their infrastructure and operations, while improving their financial posture. Likewise as President, Kevin looks forward to improving the NBA’s internal operations, building membership and enhancing its national and international voice on significant legal matters affecting communities of African-Descent.
Kevin is an illustrious Fellow Member of the American Bar Association Foundation, a graduate of Howard University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, the State of New York and in Maryland Federal Courts. He is the proud father of his daughter, Jordan Sinclair Judd.