justinzornJustin Talbot-Zorn has served as Legislative Director to three Members of Congress, as founder of a successful grassroots humanitarian nonprofit, and as an op-ed contributor to publications including The Washington Post, Time, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and CNN.com. Justin most recently served as Legislative Director to Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, the former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and longest-serving current Member of Congress. A former Fulbright Scholar and current Truman National Security Fellow, Justin is co-founder of an award-winning university scholarship program for Sudanese refugees. He has served as an op-ed writing trainer and a mindfulness meditation teacher in the US House of Representatives and has lectured widely on reforming Congress for the 21st Century. Justin earned two master’s degrees focusing on international relations, political communications, and economic policy from Oxford University and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.