Attorney Griggs is the Founder of Gerald A. Griggs LLC. Further, Attorney Gerald A. Griggs as been practicing law in the State of Georgia for 12 years. Attorney Griggs has been handling High Profile Cases and is deeply invested in protecting the rights of the community.

Whether the case is for a state or federal offense, Attorney Griggs will treat you and your case with understanding and fairness while fighting to protect you and your rights with aggressiveness and dedication. He has represented clients throughout Metro Atlanta and all of North Georgia. As a former public defender along with his experience in law enforcement, Attorney Griggs is the right man for your case.

At Gerald A. Griggs, LLC, we understand the disruption and stress an accusation and trial can cause on the individual as well as the whole family. Our office is determined to minimize these stresses and all negative effects of the trial process. Once you employ Attorney Griggs to handle your case, he and his staff are available to you for your questions and concerns about the case. We go over every detail of every case thoroughly making sure all angles are covered and so we may effectively advocate for you.