FlowersGary Flowers walks his talk as a fierce advocate, an empowering activist, a thought-provoking analyst, and a compassionate humanitarian. With presence, wit, and wisdom, he commands the airwaves with deep experience in the arenas of civil rights, human rights, and public policy formation on local, national, and global levels. The Gary Flowers Show incents people to learn, laugh, and love.

A native Richmonder, Gary Flowers is a product of the Richmond Public Schools and a graduate of the University of Virginia. After training at the law firm of Hill, Tucker & Marsh, and serving as a special assistant to Governor L. Douglas Wilder, he broadened his national perspectives in Chicago, Boston, the nation’s capital—Washington, D.C.—and around the world on behalf of those locked out and left behind.

Gary Flowers has helped to define critical issues of our times through national media outlets, including C-SPAN, CNN, CBS Cold Files, Radio One, and The National Urban Radio Network. His views have been published in the Huffington Post, New York Times, and Washington Post, as well as his weekly columns in the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and its 200 Black newspapers. He has been seen and heard through international media outlets in Morocco, Barbados, Senegal, Egypt, Canada, and Dubai, among others.

As Executive Director and CEO of the Black Leadership Forum, Inc. Gary was the spokesperson for the Washington, DC-based alliance of over 50 national African American organizations, representing over 15 million members. As vice president and field director for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Gary was a freedom fighter in Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Chicago-based organization in advancing social, political, educational, and economic justice in the streets as well as the suites of the United States of America and around the world.

Gary was a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government’s Institute of Politics, for a course on Coalition Politics. As the 2014 Leader-in-Residence, he lectured at the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies. Gary deftly wields intellect, knowledge and keen insight through the microphone as tools for social, political and economic transformation.

Family, friends, and faith all drive Gary Flowers’ passionate commitment to improving our community, our nation, and our world through understanding, human kindness, and justice. Gary Flowers believes we should turn to each other in collaboration, not on one another in confrontation! As people do so, we give flowers to the people!