Caitlynn CobbCaitlyn Cobb was born in Horseheads, New York and raised by her foster parents in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In August of 2016, she officially earned her Associates in paralegal studies at Anne Arundel Community College, where she is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Her ultimate goal is to fight for the people; and, her ultimate career goal is to be the first Black Woman Attorney General of Maryland.

Caitlyn currently works for Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) as its Social Media Director and as a Special Assistant to Barbara Arnwine, President and Founder of TJC. She also works extensively with the Voting Rights Alliance, writing the articles for the Voting Rights Alliance’s #VRABlackHistory series in honor of Black History Month. This series takes a chronological look at the heroes, sheroes, events, and organizations that helped to advance African-American suffrage over the past 4 centuries. The articles in this series are emailed out daily, as well as published daily on the Voting Rights Alliance’s twitter and website. The entirety of the series can be viewed on the interactive calendar at

Caitlyn is also a community and social media activist advocating for civil rights and for people to love who they are. In April of 2015, she marched in the protests in Baltimore City in the wake of the killing of Freddie Gray. During this time, she also created over 300 #BmoreUnited stickers and passed them out to spread unity. She has a heart for those in need and knows how best to help them because she was once in a similar position. After dealing with a 5-year-long stretch of near-uninterrupted homelessness until January 2016, obtaining her Associates is one of her proudest moments, second, she says, to having her daughter. She aims to create a program at AACC to help the homeless to let them know that it’s possible to attend college and achieve their dreams. Her platform is simple: since Napoleon said “Ability is nothing without opportunity”, why not give people every opportunity to succeed? Her mantra and hope to those who are like she was succeed is that she can do it- You Can Too!

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