Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Alan Adeleke attended High School at Whitehaven High under the guidance of Principal Dr. Vincent Hunter who unknowingly influenced the name, “The Conscious Route” through the use of his daily quote at the beginning and end of each school day. “Every decision that you make leads to a consequence, you determine whether that consequence is positive or negative by the decisions that you make.” It was this quote that led The Conscious Route to make a conscious decision to make a difference in his community through the power of his voice. It was this quote that etched within the subconscious mind of The Conscious Route at a young age. Best defined as the new kid on the block, The Conscious Route began writing poetry in February of 2017 and immediately took to the stage with a powerful message. Known for his first poem, “Vulnerable Minds” he quickly was recognized by other notable poets in the DMV area.

Inspired by his passion to encourage others and to spark community awareness, The Conscious Route began expressing himself through spoken word and keynote speeches in his community to promote positive change in today’s society.

The Conscious Route is a social advocate for positive change. He’s currently the Co-host on The Real Phil Show.