Donald WhiteheadDonald Whitehead overcame homelessness and addiction to become one of America’s foremost experts on homelessness, Donald has been sharing his expertise — and his life story — since 1995. His work has earned him an award of special recognition from the Congressional Black Caucus. Today he continues to be a strong leader, an effective advocate, and a compelling speaker for the cause of homelessness throughout
the United States.

A Leader

Donald Whitehead is a founding member and former Vice President of the North American Street Newspaper Association. He was a key member of the planning committee for the 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington, where he spoke at a plenary session on homelessness and sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial alongside the family of Dr. Martin Luther King. He created the “Homeless Think Tank” for the city of Cincinnati to develop a strategy for providing services to the homeless population. The “think tank” model is now officially incorporated in the city’s Continuum of Care process and has been used as a “best practices” example in communities throughout the United States.
He served two years as Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition Homelessness where its membership grew from 20 members to over 70 active members under his leadership. He is the former Board President and Executive Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, the oldest and largest advocacy group in America working exclusively with people experiencing homelessness. As President, he guided the Coalition towards the completion of the strategic “Bringing America Home Plan,” which evolved into a bill introduced in the 108th Congress.