May 8, 2018

Our show this week, Tuesday, May 8th, 12:00-1:00 PM EDT, will focus on the continuing recovery crisis for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Unbeknownst to most Americans, many of those whose homes and property were damaged by Hurricane Harvey have yet to receive disaster assistance to move back into their homes. In Puerto Rico, there are still tens of thousands without power, living in damaged homes under blue tarps. The entire island still experiences power outages. There has been a mass exodus of Puerto Ricans from the island. Only 2 in 5 who have applied for FEMA assistance have received aid. Although there is power for most in the US Virgin Islands, the economy is suffering as the tourism industry has not recovered and its is estimated many top resorts may not re-open for 2 more years. How is it possible that our citizens are still without tangible recovery and assistance some 8+ months after these natural disasters? Our show will look at these realities and discuss what can be done in these times to redress this suffering. Igniting Change is fulfilling its promise to cover this story until real recovery has happened for those impacted by these 2017 Hurricane natural disasters.

Our guests will include The Honorable Louis A. Elisa, II, Former, Region 1 Director for FEMA, and Former United States Permanent Representative to the Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (SCEPC), North Atlantic Council and Advisor for Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) to the US Ambassador at NATO, Brussels, Belgium, and Joel R. Segal, renowned civil rights attorney, Executive Director of the North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition, and Political Director for the NC Poor Peoples’ Campaign. .

In 2017 these three devastating hurricanes tore into Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands leaving death and destruction in its wake. Hurricane Harvey from August 17-September 3, 2017 killed 82 people and resulted in $125 Billion in damages in Texas and Louisiana. Following quickly behind, in September, Hurricane Irma, struck Florida as a Cat 3-4 storm after rendering harm to Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands as a Cat 5 storm. Irma is estimated to have killed 49 people and to have caused 64.8 Billion in damages. Days later on Irma’s heels, Hurricane Maria struck the Caribbean as a Cat 5 storm destroying Dominica and causing 1,133 deaths and over 91.61 Billion dollars in damage to Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and other islands.

Today, those affected by these monstrous storms are still struggling to receive aid and assistance. Our show will examine the following questions, Why has the US government been so slow to reward aid and assistance?; What can be done to speed up relief?; Why isn’t the US Media paying attention to this on-going suffering?; With the 2018 Hurricane Season just months away, what has been learned to not repeat the pathetic response to the crisis in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands?; Is Race a factor?; How does the Trump Administration’s Climate Change denial affect our disaster response?; What can be done to rebuild the power grid in Puerto Rico?; What can those seeking relief do at this time?; and How can our listeners help make a difference?