November 1, 2016

This show will focus on the American voter and developments regarding Early Voting, voter suppression, litigation and victories! We will also discuss the 2016 Map of Shame and recent legal fights in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin and Virginia to overcome obstacles to voting. Our guests will include Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW); NAACP lawyers and Professor, Irving Joyner; and Anita Earls, Executive Director, Southern Coalition for Social Justice and prominent voting rights attorney.

This election, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Arizona and Wisconsin have been states plagued with severe voting rights challenges based on racially discriminatory voting laws or practices such as reducing voting sites. Our show will use the litigation in North Carolina to discuss the broader voting rights battles throughout the South and other parts of the nation.

We also will discuss the implications of Candidate Donald Trump’s repeated assertions about a “rigged election” and his refusal to say that he will accept the election results if he does not win! What will it mean to have millions of voters, many from the “alt-right” seriously rejecting election results if Mr. Trump is not the winner?

After Mr. Trump’s call for monitoring of polling sites by his supporters, there has been much controversy as lawsuits have been filed to allow for out of county monitors in PA, and against the RNC for violated a court decree in New Jersey which banned the party from engaging in voter intimidation through poll monitoring. Shockingly, a group called Vote Protectors has been exposed for issuing false badges for poll workers and issuing a “script” on methods for interrogating and harassing voters. How is the civil rights and voting rights community addressing these challenges?

By the time of our show, 30 states will have started early voting and in-person absentee voting including the key “battleground” states of Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Florida and Ohio. Already, there have been problems of long lines, state websites that have crashed, and poorly trained poll workers who have demanded the wrong voting information. All of these problems have taken place against a background of litigation over several voter suppression measures which have threatened the ability of voters to register to vote or to actually vote. Despite these challenges, African American, Latino and women voters have been powerful during the early voting period. How will public policy be shaped in the years to come by these forces?

Lastly, our show will discuss these many challenges and the on-going ways that voters can best prepare themselves to vote.

These and other issues will be featured during Tuesday’s show!

This is a show that you must not miss!

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Anita Earl

Anita Earls

Anita Earls is a civil rights attorney with over 25 years of experience. Prior to founding the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, she was Director […]

Irving L. Joyner

Professor at Law– North Carolina Central University School of Law since 1982. During 1984 through 1992, Joyner served as the Associate Dean at the Law […]

Terry O’Neill

Terry O’Neill, a feminist attorney, professor and activist for social justice, was elected president of NOW in June 2009. She is also president of the […]