May 23, 2017

Our show on Tuesday, May 23rd, 12:00-1:00 PM, will broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia, Ground Zero for Voter Suppression! We will be joining the Voting Rights Alliance and the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda in a day of action. During the show we will discuss the Facebook Live program scheduled for later in the day at Wheat Street Church, from 5:00-6:30 PM and President’s Trump executive order establishing an “Election Integrity Commission” to promote voter suppression.

Our guests for this show include some of our most prominent national and local voting rights leaders and activists. Among our expert guests are Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW); Sharon Hill, Community Advocate, Human Relations Strategist and top Political Organizer in the State of Georgia; Jen Tolentino, Director of Policy & Civic Tech, Rock the Vote; and Francys Johnson, State President of the Georgia NAACP. Full guest bios and pictures are available at

Most Americans are unaware of the numerous barriers and obstacles the State of Georgia has attempted to block Black and Latino voters from participating in the franchise. The Georgia NAACP, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and other organizations have been compelled to sue the State of Georgia year after year for blocking new registered voters from the registration rolls. Georgia has also attempted to purge voters based on questionable criteria. Georgia has also create new municipalities to isolate white citizens and dilute the Black vote. And most recently the State was successfully sued to reopen voter registration for the GA6 election.

Although national attention will be focused on the politics of the Congressional District 6 race in Georgia between Ossoff and Handel, the issue of voting irregularities and voter suppression must also be examined in the background of this upcoming election.

Additionally, nationwide federal and state legislative actions and measures are proceeding at a fast pace. Despite numerous scientific studies showing that voter fraud is rare, on May 11th, President Trump signed an Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. He has appointed Vice President Spence as Chair and notorious voter suppressor, Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, as the Vice Chair. This voter suppression commission poses a great threat to an inclusive democracy. See Voting Rights Alliance statement denouncing this commission at

Also in the states, 80+ voter suppression measures are pending. Notoriously, the State of New Hampshire’s legislature as passed legislation making it harder for students and low income persons to vote. This legislation is awaiting signature by Gov. Sununu. We will also discuss electoral reform measures including automatic voter registration and ex-felon vote restoration.

Our show will cover these subjects including: What are the current voter suppression threats in Georgia?; What do we need to know to make sure the GA6 race is not subjected to voter suppression?; How can Americans fight the new Election Integrity Commission?; What steps can we take to register, empower and protect voters?; How do we fight voter suppression measures in the states?

Be sure to listen live on Tuesday, May 23rd, 12:00-1:00 PM in the DC Metro Region at WOL 1450 AM and on the Internet at A podcast of the show will be available on Tuesday evening.

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Jen Tolentino

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