March 28, 2017

Our show on Tuesday, March 28th, 12:00-1:00 PM, EDT, will spotlight, “Her Dream Deferred,” a week of action in honor of Black women and girls. In addition, we will explore the Trumpcare Debacle which ended last Friday when Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump withdrew the ACHA. The number one question is what next for Healthcare in the US?

Our esteemed guests are Professor Kimberle Crenshaw, renowned Professor of Law and Creator of the #SayHerName Campaign; and Joel Segal, National Director of the Justice Action Mobilization Network (JAMN) and Executive Director, North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition. See for guest bios and pictures.

As Women’s History Month ends, the African American Policy Forum and the Center for Intersectionality is sponsoring “Her Dream Deferred,” a week-long, March 27-31st, series of webinars and performances on the status of Black women and girls. This special programming also recognizes the 3rd Year of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent. Actions during this week include a webinar on the status of Afro-Columbian women; a #SayHerName performance; and additional programs on the victimization of Black girls; Black women in media; and Black women’s tech activism. For more information see:

Our nation is abuzz discussing the epidemic of missing Black girls. Many see the failure of Police Departments to prioritize missing Black girls and women as a form of erasure and devaluing of their dignity and lives based on the intersection of their gender and race. Often Black women are invisible in national public policy development, presumed better off than Black boys and man, and subjected to demeaning stereotypes. This series explores the full range of the status of Black women and girls in the school to prison pipeline, criminal justice system, educational institutions, the silver screen, the media and employment, particularly the tech industry. Professor Crenshaw will describe the daily programming for “Her Dream Deferred” and how our audience can participate.

On Friday, March 24th, President Trump and Speaker Ryan decided to withdraw their proposed ACHA Bill to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare. After 7 years of relentless opposition and over 50 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the GOP, was unable to come to agreement on substitute legislation. Two CBO reports on the first and second version of Trumpcare concluded over 24 million Americans would lose healthcare coverage over 10 years with enlarged deficits. Public opinion gave the Republican proposal only a 17% approval rating with a 57% disapproval. Grassroots activism resulted in marches, petitions, switchboard overloads, and numerous raucous town halls with Congressional members at which voters decried any attempt to repeal the ACA.

However, following this defeat two vital challenges remain. First it is certain that many opponents will continue to push to repeal and replace the ACA and undermine its operations. Given the new enhanced, national support for the ACA, is this the time to push for healthcare expansion including Medicaid expansion and a single payer system? Joel Segal, who, as Senior Counsel to Congressman John Conyers, helped lead the fight for the ACA, will explore what to expect in the coming months and years.

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Joel R. Segal

Joel Segal received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of North Carolina in 1989, where he focused on constitutional law and conflict resolution […]


Kimberlé Crenshaw

KimberlĂ© Crenshaw, Professor of Law at UCLA and Columbia Law School, is a leading authority in the area of Civil Rights, Black feminist legal theory, […]