July 26, 2016

Our show on Tuesday, July 26th, at 12:00-1:00 P.M. will look at how the issues of race, gender and economic is being discussed at the two national party conventions. Igniting Change will broadcast live from Philadelphia where the Democratic National Convention is being held July 25-28th. Our prominent guests include Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW); Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes; and other national commentators.

Last week our nation was captivated by the numerous developments at the Republican National Convention and the issue of race was never far from the surface including in the acceptance speech by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. From the few Blacks attending the RNC and the lingering camera coverage of their presence to this week’s endorsement of Mr. Trump by Malik Obama, President Obama’s half-brother, the Republican Convention and aftermath has been anything but boring. What should we know about the Republican Platform and what it says or doesn’t say about critical civil rights and racial justice matters?

This week the Democratic National Convention will kick off on Monday and already controversy has arisen with the resignation DNC Chair Deborah Wasserman Schultz and her replacement at this critical moment by Donna Brazille, a Black woman. Everyone’s attention is on Sen. Bernie Sanders and his Monday night speech at the convention to see whether he will bring unity to his Party or do a Ted Cruz styled “still fighting” address. Besides speeches by President Obama, other speakers include Rev. Jesse Jackson, the mother’s Blacks slain by police and many others. We will discuss what we should know about the Democratic Platform and what it says or doesn’t say about critical civil rights and racial justice matters?

Our guests will include prominent politicians and civil rights leaders who will provide a range of viewpoints on the many developments in the 2016 elections.

We will also discuss the many legal developments regarding voter suppression laws including the victories in the federal courts against strict photo voter ID laws in Wisconsin and Texas. In addition, in negative legal developments, an Ohio judge has allowed a voter purge to stand and the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe exceeded his executive authority when he made a blanket restoration of the voting rights of 206,000 former felons. Our guests will also include lawyers involved in some of these cases.

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