August 15, 2017

Pic of Ebony McMorrisOur show on Tuesday, August 15th, 12:00-1:00 PM, will discuss at the outset the Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Assault on Charlottesville and the majority of the show on the pressing issues of Media Consolidation, ideological domination and declining Black ownership and presence as TV anchors, editors, radio hosts, managers and other top positions. The disturbing media trends of consolidation by conservative oriented media, continued turbulence for print media in a digital age, and major issues of Black ownership, authentic content and meaningful presence in all media sectors. These trends have major implications for a free and diverse media, particularly civil and human rights coverage.

Our special guests will include Ebony McMorris, National News Correspondent for Reach Media, a subsidiary of Radio One; and Kevin McNeir, an award-winning, veteran journalist and educator, and editor for The Washington Informer and other guests. Guest pictures and bios can be found at

In May, 2017, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, announced plans to acquire the Tribune Media Company and 42 local TV stations bringing its ownership to 215 local stations. Sinclair Broadcasting is already the nation’s largest local news providers. If this acquisition is approved, it would reach 7 in 10 US television households, exceeding Congress’ mandate capping consolidation. Troublingly, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, requires that it’s stations must-run conservative commentary segments produced by its national studios. A roll-back of Obama era regulations by the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in April, 2017, made this expansion possible. Both liberal media watch groups and anti-consolidation organizations have been joined by conservative media companies in opposing this purchase.

Concurrently, the African American national media faces a troubling climate. African American media ownership has been declining in the 21st Century. Even when Black owned, top management of these companies is often White dominated. Ebony and Jet, once the flagships of the Johnson Publishing Company, have been sold to the CVG which laid off many staff, moved its operations to Los Angeles from Chicago, and failed to pay freelance writers and copy editors as agreed. In late July, Time Inc, announced that it will sell its majority stake in Essence magazine. Many worry about the future of these publications.

Besides continuing issues about the quality of content on BET, owners Viacom Inc shuttered the DC headquarters and relocated operations to Los Angeles, laying off many staff in the process.

Black radio has been challenged by a younger Black generation’s preference for TV and the Internet.

Black newspapers media also has been struggling with declining audiences and have been attempting to adopt to a digitized age.

While Black media addresses special issues, the number of Blacks working in predominantly White media have been steadily declining with a special absence in choice anchor and management positions.

What are the long-term implications of these trends? Will TV and other consolidation result in the suppression of diversity? How will diverse ideological viewpoints be heard in the future? Whether Black media ownership and influence in the future. Will the Black media continue to be a force in the years to come? Can Black journalists grow their numbers? Who will control our content? These and other critical questions will be addressed during the show.

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D. Kevin McNeir

Dominic Kevin McNeir, an award-winning, veteran journalist and educator, is the editor for The Washington Informer where he displays a keen insight for political news, […]

Pic of Ebony McMorris

Ebony McMorris

Ebony McMorris serves as the new National News Correspondent for Reach Media, a subsidiary or Radio one. You can hear her daily news segments on […]