April 26, 2016

This show will cover three of the top issues currently confronting our nation. On Tuesday, April 26th, the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware will hold presidential primaries. Our show will remind everyone of what is at stake and how to “get your vote on!”

In addition, last week, Gov. Terry McAluliffe of Virginia restored the voting rights of 206,000 returning citizens who had felonies but had served their time but couldn’t vote after imprisonment.

As April is Fair Housing Month, throughout the show, we will be joined by our featured guest, Ms. Stella Adams, one of the nation’s foremost leaders of the national Fair Housing movement, is currently a top executive with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC). This show will examine her wonderful background and legacy of struggle to end discrimination in all aspects of housing. She will provide special insights into the future of the fight for fair housing, affordable housing and community development.

Tuesday, April 26th is a key presidential voting day with over 450 delegates at stake for the Democrats and 172 for the Republicans. Polling shows that the races are close for the Democrats in Rhode Island and Connecticut but given the unreliability of polling data, everyone will be closely watching the voting results in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware as well. Maryland and Delaware are winner take all states. The State of Maryland also has a very intense Democratic Senate primary between two powerhouse candidates: Congresswoman Donna Edwards and Congressman Chris VanHollen. For the Republicans, based on polling data, the question is whether Donald Trump will sweep all five primaries.

Election Protection forces will be watching all of these state elections carefully to make sure that all voters are protected. Pennsylvania has had problems in the past with voter purging. Persons needing voting information or who encounter problems can contact Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683) or www.866OURVOTE.org.

Already partisan forces are seeking to condemn the actions of Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia in restoring the voting rights of formerly incarcerated persons who had a felony. In his executive action, Gov. McAuliffe restored the right to vote, the right to run for office and the right to become a juror for over 206,000 returning citizens. Despite the charges of partisanship, this restoration marks a decades long advocacy effort by many national, state and local organizations. Indeed, Congressman John Conyers of Michigan welcomed this action and again promoted his federal legislative proposal to restore the voting rights of ex-felons nationally: The Democracy Restoration Act of 2015 (HR 1459). The Transformative Justice Coalition welcomed Virginia’s restoration in addition to the MD legislative action and the Kentucky Governor’s actions in moving forward some restoration.

As Fair Housing Month comes to an end, we will have the pleasure of Stella Adams of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition serving as our featured guests. Stella Adams has been one of the foremost visionaries and advocates for fair housing over a few decades. Besides her impactful national advocacy with the US Housing and Urban Development and federal administration, Ms. Adam’s work was transformative in the state of North Carolina in fighting racial, gender and other discrimination in housing. We will continue the dialogue our show started on April 5th in exploring the future of the fight for fair housing, affordable housing and community economic development.

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This week’s guests:

Stella Adams

Ms. Adams is a nationally recognized expert in fair housing, predatory lending, mortgage fraud and investigation techniques. Most recently Ms. Adams served as the Senior […]